Mayiladuthurai Railways Station IRCTC Code MV

A note of Mayiladuthurai

Mayiladuthurai station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is MV.

Mayiladuthurai is in Nagapattinam district, Tamil Nadu. The headquarters of Mayiladuthurai taluk is the Mayiladuthurai. Medieval Cholas ruled Mayiladuthurai. The goddess Parvathi in Mayiladuthurai worshiped the god Shiva. Mayiladuthurai is famous for its agriculture, weaving and metalwork. Parvathi form a peahen shape to worship the god Shiva. The statue is present in Mayuranathaswami Temple. People believe that during Aippasi month, in a moon day, all the holy rivers are converging every year. In addition, people believe that a man gets relief from all of his sins, when he take a bath in the Cauvery river on that day. Mayiladuthurai is the gateway for the Navagraha temple. Chennai express, Tuticorin express, Puducherry express, Rameshwaram express passes through Mayiladuthurai.

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Mayiladuthurai Railways Station IRCTC Code MV

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