Mau Railways Station IRCTC Code MAU

Know about Mau

Mau station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is MAU.

Mau is in Mau district, Uttar Pradesh. It acts the headquarters for the Mau district. During the 1960s, Mau supplied a plant, which is named as plash in largest amount. Mau denotes that barrack. Because, Mau was used by the rulers as barrack. Mau is separated from the district Azamgarh. Mau owns a rich historical background. People who belonged to Mau gave full support for the Freedom of India. Mau is also called as Maunath Bhanjan. Mau acts as the textile weavers. Mau has the access by means of road and rail. Sabarmati express, Manduadih express, Godan express passess through Mau junction.

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Mau Railways Station IRCTC Code MAU

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