Marwar Railways Station IRCTC Code MJ

A general note of Marwar

Marwar station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is MJ.

Marwar is in Rajasthan of the Indian country. It is also called as Jodhpur region. Thar Desert is the nearest place from Marwar where is it partly lies. Marwar denotes the desert. In the 6th century, Marwar was identified with Gurjars. The farmers of Marwar occupied the rural parts of Marwar. These farmers are the most simplest farmers in the Rajasthan. The annual day session of Marwar Kisan Sabha was held in the year 1943. Sir Chhotu Ram and the Minister of Revenue department were invited as chief guest for the session. Ranakpur express, Haridwar express passes through Marwar junction.

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Marwar Railways Station IRCTC Code MJ

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