Mansa Railways Station IRCTC Code MSJ

Ken about the place of Mansa

Mansa station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is MSJ.

Mansa is a word which is a Mandinka word referring to the King of Kings or even the emperor too. This word is associated with the dynasty named as Keita dynasty of the Empire of Mali. This did dominate the Western Africa, from the period of 13th century to 15th century. Mansa’s powers included the rights of giving justice and to even engage in trade particularly monopolising it, in the field of gold alone. It was Mansa Sundiata who was the very first to assume the emperor title, that kept passing through the line of Keita. Some of the express trains that pass through the railway junction of are Intercity express, Punjab mail, Dee intercity and so on.

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Mansa Railways Station IRCTC Code MSJ

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