Maniyachchi Railways Station IRCTC Code MEJ

Fact of Maniyachchi

Maniyachchi station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is MEJ.

Maniyachchi is a place in Tamil Nadu. Maniyachchi is in Thoothukudi district, some places near Maniyachchi include Palayamkottai, Kovilpatti and so on. Maniyacchchi is an inhibited village, in earlier days. During the moments of Anti Imperialist struggles, Maniyachchi gained a lot much importance. This particular site has gained importance by an incident, where a British collector was directly shot by an Indian freedom fighter who also committed suicide after killing the collector. The railway junction at Maniyachchi will help the people to reach Maniyachchi. Some of the express trains that pass through the railway junction of Maniyachchi are Nagarkoil express, Thirukkural express, Vivek express, Tuticorin express and Ten Chennai express. There are many other express trains also.

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Maniyachchi Railways Station IRCTC Code MEJ

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