Mangalagiri Railways Station IRCTC Code

A note of Mangalgiri

Mangalagiri station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is .

Mangalagiri is in Andhra Pradesh, Guntur district. Present between places Guntur and Vijayawada, the term Mangalagiri refers the meaning of the holy hill. You can see the inscriptions near the steps, that too in a stone pillar in the language of Telugu. There are also the inscriptions on four sides near the Garudalvar temple, during the regime of Sadasiva Raya belonging to Vijayanagar empire. Mangalagiri was in fact under the rule of Golkonda Nawabs, for a long period of time. Undavlli caves. Hinkar Thirtha jain temple, Haailand are some of the tourist attractions here. Haailand is a place of attraction which is a kind of theme park, giving all sorts of entertainments to you. Some of the express trains of Mangalagiri railway junction of Mangalagiri are Circar express, Golconda express, Narasapur express and so on.

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Mangalagiri Railways Station IRCTC Code

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