Malerkotla Railways Station IRCTC Code MET

Ken about Malerkotla

Malerkotla station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is MET.

Malerkotla is a city in Sangrur district, Punjab. Malerkotla was the seat for the eponymous state in the ancient time period. Malerkotla is the Muslim state, which was set up in 1454 AD by the person named as Sheikh from the place Afghanistan. Sherwani descendent were the majority people, who also ruled. Though Malerkotla is in Punjab, during the 1947 riots which took place herein Punjab, there was no sort of violence herein Malerkotla, which served as the land of peace. Malerkotla is much familiar for the vegetables as well as badge-making industry. Some of the express trains that pass the junction of Malerkolta are Ten Jammu express, Andaman express, Kota Jat express, Him sagar express and so on. You can see number of trains here.

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Malerkotla Railways Station IRCTC Code MET

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