Mairwa Railways Station IRCTC Code MW

Know about Mairwa

Mairwa station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is MW.

Mairwa is town belongs to Bihar, in Siwan district. Mairwa is in the western side, which was formed or under Kosala Kingdom. Mairwa is the place which is filled with beautiful location, especially city’s main market place, lying on the border of Bihar and UP. Hari Ram temple is located on the bank of Jharahi river, exactly at mairwa Dham. Chanania Dih temple is mainly dedicated to worship of Goddess Durga. Also there are a number of tourist attraction and other sorts of pilgrimage attractions present here. Hari Ram Temple is a very important attraction present here. Kushinagar, Kesariya, Buddha Stupa, etc are the very important attractions present here. The places like Done and Kanhauli is considered to be a place of historical importance. Abadh Assam express passes here.

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Mairwa Railways Station IRCTC Code MW

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