Maihar Railways Station IRCTC Code MYR

General fact of Maihar

Maihar station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is MYR.

Maihar is a city in Satna District of Madhya Pradesh. Maihar is knowable for the temple of revered goddess Sharda atop Trikuta hills. It was the belief where Lord Shiva while carrying the dead body of the Goddess, where the Mother’s necklace fell here. The history can be traced from the Palaeolithic age. Maihar was set up by Rajputs belonging to Kachwaha clans to whom the land was granted by ruler belonging to state of Orchha. Earlier, it was a war where the warriors fought with Chauhan, who were in fact the follower of Sharda Devi, they were named as Alha and Udal. People hereby do consider still that Alha who received Amaratva from Sharda Devi, still comes to worship the Goddess. Maihar Railway Station is the station which is situated here which has direct connections to Delhi, Khajuraho, Jabalpur, etc. There are a lot of temples and other tourist attractions are present here in Maihar. Even a lot of ruins of some shrines present Maihar. This place is very famous to the inhabitants and the nearby places for the very famous temple dedicate to Sharada. Gorakhpur express passes this junction.

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Maihar Railways Station IRCTC Code MYR

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