Mahoba Railways Station IRCTC Code MBA

A note on the place Mahoba

Mahoba station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is MBA.

Mahoba is a city in Uttar Pradesh. Rajput dynasty’s capital was Mahoba. Vijay Sagar reservoir was the artificial lake present here, which was created by Chandela rulers. Under the regime of King Paramardi, Prithviraj III captured Mahoba. After a few decades, Akbar captured Mahoba. By 1680, Bundela leader did capture Mahoba. Mahoba was called as Mahavati Nagar before. Chhoti Chandika is the very oldest temple here. Badi Chandika, Shiva Ji Ka Mandir, Hanuman Mandir, etc are some of the very important attractions present here which has to be visited. Mahoba Railway Station is the station where number of halt including Tulsi Express, Bundelkhand Express, Chambal Express, etc is some of the trains which stop here.

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Mahoba Railways Station IRCTC Code MBA

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