Mahidpur Railways Station IRCTC Code MEP

Know about Mahidpur

Mahidpur station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is MEP.

Mahidpur is a small town in Madhya Pradesh, in Ujjain district. There are some tourist attractions present in and around Mahidpur. River Shipra is where Mahidpur is located.number of Chalcolithic remains were excavated from Mahidpur. Battle of Mahidpur is which fought between Marathas and British, where Sir John did defeat the army of Holkar. Treaty was signed and it was Treaty of Mandasor, where the pacification of Malwa is done. Indore, Ujain, Ratlam, etc are some of the attractions present near to this Mahidpur. A number of express trains like Avadh Express, Dehra Dun Express, Nizamuddin Express, etc will stand in this station.

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Mahidpur Railways Station IRCTC Code MEP

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