Luni Railways Station IRCTC Code LUNI

Know about the place Luni

Luni station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is LUNI.

Luni is a place in Rajasthan. Luni consists of large number of places to visit and thus people will come every year to visit Luni. Being in Rajasthan, Luni is mainly the river which forms the tributaries too and making it as the source for irrigation and water requirements. Thus, the village nearby Luni River is named as Luni. As it belongs to the state Rajasthan, the state itself is knowable as Land of Kings or even as the land of kingdoms too. Rich culture is seen here. Cultural and traditional life is seen here. Some of the express trains are Ranakpur express, Bikaner express and a lot many places can reach you to this station.

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Luni Railways Station IRCTC Code LUNI

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