Ludhiana Railways Station IRCTC Code LDH

fact of the place Ludhiana

Ludhiana station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is LDH.

Ludhiana is a place in Punjab. Ludhiana is present on the banks of the River Sutlej, which are its old banks. Industrial centre is what Ludhiana is. Ludhiana is originally named as Lodi-Ana, when Lodi dynasty ruled Ludhiana, under whom the creation of the city takes place. The Lodi dynasty didn’t have control over the throne of Delhi, when it was 1526. By 1785, the Sutlej had its change and thus no anymore Ludhiana was on its banks. After the first Afghan war, Ludhiana was the exiled place to Shah Shuja. Some of the express train that pass through Ludhiana junction are Hirakund express, Amarnath express, Jhelum express and so on.

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Ludhiana Railways Station IRCTC Code LDH

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