Luckeesarai Railways Station IRCTC Code LKR

Place called Luckeesarai

Luckeesarai station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is LKR.

Luckeesarai is in Bihar. Luckeesarai has the very popular temple named as Ashok Dham. Pokhram village is here which has the presence of temples and the pond. This is the religious centre, while the period of Pal Bansh. In terms of Buddha literature, Luckeesarai was named as Anguttri. Bakthiyar did attack the region by 11th century, then Sher Shah Suri ruled during 15th century. Buddha matas were located on southern part of Ganges, whereby king of Pal Bans was Buddhist. River Ganga, Kiul, Haroohar pass through this district only; thus makes Luckeesarai a little significant too. Some of the express trains that pass the railway junction of Luckeesarai are Danapur express, Janta express, Tirhut express and so on.

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Luckeesarai Railways Station IRCTC Code LKR

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