Lakheri Railways Station IRCTC Code LKE

Know about Lakheri

Lakheri station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is LKE.

Lakheri is a city, which is the second largest city in Bundi district, in Rajasthan. Lakheri is surrounded by number of villages. Maize dam is near Lakheri, over the river Maize. Zigzag dam is also nearby which is suitable for storing the water. There is a very beautiful pond which is small named as Bhrampuri Sarovar. The manufacturing unit of cement, which is named as Associated Cement Companies, is the most salient feature of Lakheri. All over Asia, the plant herein Lakheri is the oldest cement plant. The latest project of this plant is completed in April 2007. The river passing through Lakheri is Maize. Ranthambhore express passes this junction.

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Lakheri Railways Station IRCTC Code LKE

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