Kuttipuram Railways Station IRCTC Code KTU

Know about Kuttipuram

Kuttipuram station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is KTU.

Kuttippuram is a small town,in district of Malappuram, Kerala. The river which is flowing through Kuttippuram is Bharathappuzha. You can visit places like Guruvayur where Guruvayur temple is the most significantly visited one so. Palakkad district has number of places to visit so, which is enar Kuttipuram too. Jama Masjid herein is visited by number of Muslims. Kadampuzha temple is the highly visited one here. The railway station in Kuttippuram is a significant railway station in the district of Malappuram. Railway junction between the places namely Shoranur and Kozhikode is notable. This railway station has the easy access to other places in and around Kuttippuram. Maveli express passes this junction.

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Kuttipuram Railways Station IRCTC Code KTU

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