Kursela Railways Station IRCTC Code KUE

General fact of Kursela

Kursela station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is KUE.

Kursela is a village in district of Katihar, in Bihar. Kursela is the combination of Kuru-Shila, translating into the hilly region whereby this did belong to King Kuru, whose descendants were Kauravas. Kursela was in fact the Zamindari, under the rule of British India. Kursela is really familiar for integrity. Kursela is just at the distance of 6 km from the place Bateshwar hills. The variant of two different names combined into Kursela. He was a Zamindari in India. R.B.Raghubansh Prasad Singh and the Laths at last ruled Kursela. The Laths helped for the opening of two schools in Kursela and also he opened a hospital. Amrapali express passes this junction.

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Kursela Railways Station IRCTC Code KUE

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