Kurnool Town Railways Station IRCTC Code KRNT

To be known of Kurnool Town

Kurnool Town station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is KRNT.

Kurnool is a city, in district Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh. The name of Kurnool is derived from the word Kandenavalu. Kurnool was named as the Kandeanpalli or as the city of Kandena. The term Kandena is a word in Telugu refers to Grease. Kurnool is also, called as the Chief of Wars. The history of the town Kurnool dates back to Palaeolithic era. Ketavaram rock paintings are traced back to Palaeolithic era, which can be around 35000 to 45000 years ago. Kurnool dates back to 11th century. Ruled by Cholas, then by Kakthiya kings Kurnool had been under various empires too. Kurnool is the sixth most famous town of Andhra Pradesh and also the gateway of Rayalaseema. Kurnool is the capital of Andhra Pradesh from October 1, 1953 to October 31, 1956. The rivers flows through this city are Hundri and Neeva. Prashanti Nilayam express passes this junction.

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Kurnool Town Railways Station IRCTC Code KRNT

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