Kundapura Railways Station IRCTC Code KUDA

An interesting fact of Kundapura

Kundapura station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is KUDA.

Kundapura is a town in district Udupi, in Karnataka. The name Kundapura is named after the temple Kundeshwar temple, which was constructed by Kundavarma, on the rIver Panchagangavali. The term Kunda refers to pillars in the language of Kannada, whereby this represented method of being traditional way of building houses. Pura refers to town. Kundapura is surrounded by water on all its 3 sides. Panchagangavali River is located at the north side of Kundapura. Across the river, a bridge has been constructed. In Kundapura, many sightseeing places are there to visit. Sri Venkataramana temple and Sri Kundeshwara temple is also present in this place. Near Kundeswara temple, a lake is present. The national highway NH66 connects other cities and towns to Kundapura. Both bus and rail access here. Matsyagandha express passes this junction.

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Kundapura Railways Station IRCTC Code KUDA

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