Kulti Railways Station IRCTC Code ULT

Note of the place Kulti

Kulti station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is ULT.

Kulti is a kind of town, which belongs to the division of Asansol, West Bengal. Kulti area turns present between two rivers Damodar and Ajay. It forms the boundary with the place of Jharkhand. Steel was firstly made here, in India by 1904. Spun pipes were also firstly produced here by the year 1945. There are many attractions present here, which include Churulia, Searsol, Santiniketan, Durgapur, etc. there are many dams present which include Maithon dam, Panchet dam, etc. Gunjan Ecological Park is nearby. Bakreshwar is a place is a hot spring, and also the temple is at the distance of around 15 km from the place of Kulti. Coalfield express passes this junction. ULT

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Kulti Railways Station IRCTC Code ULT

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