Kottayam Railways Station IRCTC Code KTYM

Note about Kottayam

Kottayam station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is KTYM.

Kottayam is a city present in the state of Kerala, the God’s own country. Kottayam is trading centre to spices mainly. It is known as the Akshraa Nagari in honour to the media and literature. Slave trades prevailed here. The kings of Thekkumkoor ruled Kottayam till the period of 18th century. Also, the place had the revenue divisions earlier. In 1949, Kottayam turned as the district. Malayali Memorial Agitation started here. Also, known as the Land of letters, land of lakes, land of latex, as the place is popular for trading rubber. It was recently given the title as mural city. Kottayam is at an elevation of around 3 m. It has the railway station which is named as Kottayam railway station having the code as KTYM, thus linking to various cities by means of rail. Nagercoil Kottayam passenger passes this junction

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Kottayam Railways Station IRCTC Code KTYM

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