Kosamba Railways Station IRCTC Code KSB

Know about Kosamba

Kosamba station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is KSB.

Kosamba is in Surat district, Gujarat. Kosamba falls under Surat metropolitan. It has twin towns and they are Tarasadi Nagarpalika and Gram Panchayat of Kosamba. Among the two towns, Tarasadi Nagarpalika is the largerst town. Both towns are independent but generally considered as Kosamba. There are many visiting places are present in and around Kosamba. Kosamba has theatre, which runs with a single screen. It has many popular eating-places. Just 4 km from Kosamba, many dining spots are available. It has some of the famous schools, which offers high-class quality education. Kosamba has access by means of road and rail. Gujarat Queen express passes through Kosamba.

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Kosamba Railways Station IRCTC Code KSB

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