Koppal Railways Station IRCTC Code KBL

Note about Koppal

Koppal station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is KBL.

Koppal is one of the towns of Koppal District belonging to Karnataka. Koppal is also called as Kopana Nagar and it is surrounded by hillocks on all of the three sides. It is situated in an average elevation of 1736 ft above the sea level and it covers 28 sq. km. This possesses a number of tourist attractions in it. Mahadeva Temple, Koppal Fort, Kuknur, etc are some of the very important and sightseeing attractions present in Koppal. Koppal Railway Station is present in Koppal. Trains like Amaravathi Express, Hampi Express, Haripriya Express, etc pass through this Koppal Railway Station.

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Koppal Railways Station IRCTC Code KBL

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