Kochuveli Railways Station IRCTC Code KCVL

Interesting facts of Kochuveli

Kochuveli station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is KCVL.

Kochuveli is in Trivandrum, Kerala. Kochuveli has the railway station, which is named, as Kochuveli railway station. Just 8 km, from Trivandrum the Kochuveli railway station is located on the north side and it is also nearest to the National Highway 47 bypass road. Kochuveli railway station was started in 2005. Many tourist places are there to visit in Kochuveli. A lake named Veil is the famous lake, which is present in Kochuveli. Many trains are always available at the railway junction of Kochuveli. It has access by means of road and rail. Kochuveli express, Hubli express, Porbandar express passes through Kochuveli railway junction.

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Kochuveli Railways Station IRCTC Code KCVL

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