Khanna Railways Station IRCTC Code KNN

Know about the place Khanna

Khanna station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is KNN.

Khanna is a city present in the district of Ludhiana, Punjab. This word refers to the Punjabi word, which refers to the one quarter. As the city was much smaller, this referred the name to Khanna; just it’s a quarter which the city used to be. Khanna is knowable for the best type of matches led by boys from the region of Khanna, and girls from region of Rajpura for the weddings arranged. Khanna is about 500 years old, and it is at an elevation of 254 m, which it has number of schools and also the educational institutions too. The word Khanna refers to the surname too, which is common to the Muslim and Jain families too. Malwa express passes this junction. KNN

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Khanna Railways Station IRCTC Code KNN

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