Khagaria Railways Station IRCTC Code KGG

Fact of Khagaria

Khagaria station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is KGG.

Khagaria is a city present in the district of Khagaria. It is otherwise knowable as Farakiya, Khagaria was not found in the map, when directed by Akbar, hence the revenue minister of Akbar’s regime named this as Farakiya, representing separate. Thus Khagaria was known as Farakiya too. The place is vibrant holding mixed kind of population and culture. Also, It holds population to be belonging to young age only. Chhat Puja, Holi are some of the festivals celebrated here. There is a station here, which is under the division of North east frontier railways. Koshi express passes this junction. KGG

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Khagaria Railways Station IRCTC Code KGG

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