Keshod Railways Station IRCTC Code KSD

Know about Keshod

Keshod station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is KSD.

Keshod is a city, which is in the district of JUnagadh, the state of Gujarat. The name of Keshod was derived from the interesting incident that happened by the period of Mahabharatha. Shri Krishna ran with Rukmani, when Krishna defeated her own brother Rukhmaya, whereby they both were escaping in the jungle, thus in this town Keshod, Rukmani washed her hair, Kesh means hair and Udd means to wash, hence knowable as Keshod. But, generally the landscape found here is entirely dry. There is also an airport which belongs to the district of Junagadh. Veraval Trivandram express passes this junction. KSD

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Keshod Railways Station IRCTC Code KSD

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