Katwa Railways Station IRCTC Code KWAE

A fact knowable of Katwa

Katwa station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is KWAE.

Katwa is the town in the district of Bardhaman, in the state of West Bengal. It was formerly knowable as Indranee Pargana, which was then turned into the name as Kantak Nagari, which is knowable as City of thorns. Katwa is in between Bhagirathi and Ajay River. Katwa is 150 km from the place of Kolkata, the capital place of West Bengal. Katwa railway junction is the most important station here. Katwa is the place where Chaitanya received sannyasa. Katwa is the sacred one for Vaishnavites. Durga Pooja is the grand festival here. The fort of Shah Alam, Uddhanpur, Village of Singhi, etc is the notable places to visit. Teesta Torsa express passes this junction. KWAE

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Katwa Railways Station IRCTC Code KWAE

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