Katni Railways Station IRCTC Code KTE

An interesting fact of Katni

Katni station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is KTE.

Katni is the town present on the banks of Katni River, in state of Madhya Pradesh. Katni is in the region of Mahakoshal. Katni is otherwise knowable as Murwara. This is a place located at the distance of 90 km from Jabalpur. The city is plentiful with lime and bauxite too. Katni is a conglomeration of culture from different states numbered in 3. The place has the largest rail yard too. This junction possesses the circular mode in half, from the place of wagon yard, and therefore knowable as Mudwara. The trains reach Katni rightly from 5 directions. Katni junction is popular here, thus Katni is abode to Indian railway’s very biggest wagon repairing shop. Tapti Ganga passes this junction. KTE

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Katni Railways Station IRCTC Code KTE

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