Katihar Railways Station IRCTC Code KIR

Note about the place Katihar

Katihar station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is KIR.

Katihar is one among the 38 districts present in the state of Bihar. Katihar is present in Katihar district, which is a town. It belongs to the part of Purnea division. Katihar has the area of 3057 sq. km. the Rivers pass through Katihar are Mahananda, Ganges, Koshi, and Righa. It is present in plains of North eastern place of Bihar. The district is dominated by the family of Choudhary. It was in fact the region among Bengal, before the partition of Bengal took place. The main festival celebrated here is the Durga Pooja. It is also the very starting point of North east Frontier railway. Guwahati Rajdhani passes this junction. KIR

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Katihar Railways Station IRCTC Code KIR

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