Kasganj Railways Station IRCTC Code KSJ

Get to know Kasganj

Kasganj station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is KSJ.

Kasganj is a city present in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Kasganj was found by Nawab Yaqoot Ali Khan, and therefore by the 6th century, it was knowable as Yaqoot Ganj too. As the place is present in the forest of Kans, with the dense vegetation, Kasganj was then named as Kasganj. It is present on the banks of River Kali. Kasganj has the presence of Ambedkar park Nadrai Ka Paul, Bhuteshwar Mandir, Hulka Mandir, etc Kasganj has the railway station. Chitragupta jayanthi is celebrated here, Kasganj is knowable for its cultural heritage. Lucknow Jaipur special passes this junction. KSJ

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Kasganj Railways Station IRCTC Code KSJ

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