Kareli Railways Station IRCTC Code KY

Know about Kareli

Kareli station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is KY.

Kareli is present in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Kareli is a town in the district of Narsinghpur. The holy place called Barman is present at the distance of 16 km from this town. Barman place has the presence of two ghats which are Brahman ghat and Retghat. In the place of Retghat, an organisation of fair takes place, which is crowded like anything. There is a junction or the confluence of River Nerbudda and Warahi, which is considered to be sacred too. There is a large temple here, over the southern banks of this river, which is Rani Durgavati’s. This should have been built by Gond Rajput dynasty, by a queen of Malwa. Pisanhari’s temple is nearby. Now, it’s possesses the biggest gud mandi of this state. Kolkata Mail passes this junction. KY

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Kareli Railways Station IRCTC Code KY

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