Kaptganj Railways Station IRCTC Code CPJ

Note about Kaptganj

Kaptganj station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is CPJ.

Kaptanganj in Kushinagar district in the state of Uttar Pradesh, the place was identified as an area of town, by the year 1911. It was actually done by rulers of British, when they ruled country India. Kaptnaganj has the railway station, which is knowable as Kaptanganj station, and the access to many cities is by means of train, from here. Kaptanganj also has the sugar factory which can be the major occupation here, apart from this sugar factory there is a distillery too here. The main places include Azad Chauk, Subhash Chauk, Chadani Chauk, etc. Gorakpur Guwahati special passes Kaptanganj

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Kaptganj Railways Station IRCTC Code CPJ

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