Kannur Railways Station IRCTC Code CAN

To be known of Kannur

Kannur station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is CAN.

Kannur is a place which is located at the Indian state of Kerala. Kannur is also called as Cannanore in the ancient period and later called as Kannur. Kannur holds one among the 62 military cantonments, as well as Asia’s very largest naval academy is here, which is World;s third largest. It served as port town belonging to Kolathunadu, ruled by place Kolathiris. Trade flourished with the places Persia and Arabia. St. Angelo Fort is here. Guerrrilla war has taken place here by Pazhassi Raja against British has the great impact. Puducherry express, Manu Sagar express, Hapa express, Hapa ten express are some of the express trains that pass through the railway junction of this place Kannur. CAN

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Kannur Railways Station IRCTC Code CAN

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