Kannapuram Railways Station IRCTC Code KPQ

To be known of Kannapuram

Kannapuram station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is KPQ.

Kannapuram is a village, and it was under Kolathunadu till the Independence. The name to this place originated from Sri Krishna temple’s presence here. Kanna-Krishna and Puram-Land (denoting the place related to Lord Krishna). Also, it’s believed that Saint Kannua’s place, who performed meditation here in a cave near the temple located. Sri Muchilot Bhagavathi temple here is the familiar one, where Thayam is being performed every 12 years. Kannapuram is rich for Chinaclay products. Kannapuram is the census town which is located at the Kannur district of Malabar in Kerala, The God’s own country. It is located exactly at the northern region of Malabar city. Kannapuram has a junction which is considered to be the busiest junction of Kannapuram. Some of the trains that pass through this railway junction are, west coast express, Maq Chennai express, Malabar express, Netravati express, Nagercoil express and so on. KPQ

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Kannapuram Railways Station IRCTC Code KPQ

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