Kalyan junction Railways Station IRCTC Code KYN

To be known of Kalyan Junction

Kalyan junction station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is KYN.

Kalyan is the place in Maharashtra, it was spelled as Callian, Callianee during the British rule. This was the city sieged by many foreign armies in ancient days. Decayed structures are still seen here. Maratha fortification existed in the place of Durgadi fort. Kalyan served to be the city of port. This port was ruled by empires Gupta and Maurya. Then Yadhavas came into vision here. Thus the place has seen various rulers from the initial days. Kala Talao is the lake present here. This Durgadi fort has 4 gates. Kalyan Junction is the most important junction of railway network of Mumbai Suburban railways. Trains pass through the junction of Kalyan are Amritsar express, Hatia express, Madurai express, Ahimsa express, Sainagar Dr express and so on. This makes the job of the people easier. KYN

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Kalyan junction Railways Station IRCTC Code KYN

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