KalpI Railways Station IRCTC Code KPI

Fact about kalpi

KalpI station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is KPI.

Kalpi is a place which is located at the out skirts of Jalaun district, Uttar Pradesh state. During the year 1196 Kalpi went into the hands of Muslims. Kalpi city was initially called as Kalpriya Nagri and now well known by the people as Kalpi. King Vashudeva should have created this city by the end of 4th century. In the year 1196, this city fell to Muslims thereby playing the important role in the history. Kalpi has a special mint for the copper coinage. Then it was handled over to Marathas. A junction is here, many trains that pass through the junction here and some of them are Sabarmati express, Kushinagar express and so on. KPI

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KalpI Railways Station IRCTC Code KPI

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