Kakinada Railways Station IRCTC Code CCT

Fact about kakinada

Kakinada station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is CCT.

Kakinada is the city of the state Andhra Pradesh. This place Kakinada is also called as the city of fertilizer by the local people. And also it is equivalent to second Madras. There is a famous festival named Kakinada beach festival celebrated here and many people will come from various places to enjoy and celebrate the festival. Hope Island makes this place as a port, a natural harbour. There are number of temples, mangrove forest and beaches are present here. Kotipalli Kotilingeswar temple is familiar here. apart there are also some number of temples like Kukkuteshwara temple, Samalkot Shiva temple, etc. People can reach here from any part of our country India because various trains are available in all the junctions to reach the junction of Kakinada. Cocannda express, Bhavnagar express are some of the trains that pass the junction of Kakinada. CCT

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Kakinada Railways Station IRCTC Code CCT

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