Jeur: Railways Station IRCTC Code JEUR

To be known of Jeur

Jeur: station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is JEUR.

Jeur was otherwise named as Geur or Gyor, whereby it’s the name of gens, belonging to the Kingdom of Hungary. It is the country of Hungary, whereby the place was founded by the year 1061. The founder of Jeur was Otto. The Szerdahely branch was one among the group being notable so. The forefather of this branch turned out to be certain Saul, who turned living in the year 1230. The person’s great grandchild Miklos was the one who founded the monastery named as Pauline monastery in Szerdahely. This line was divided into three parts Dancsffy, Imreffy and Dersffy families.

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Jeur: Railways Station IRCTC Code JEUR

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