Jaunpur Railways Station IRCTC Code JOP

Know about the place Jaunpur

Jaunpur station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is JOP.

Jaunpur is the municipality in Jaunpur, in Uttar Pradesh. Jaunpur is closely located to Varanasi’s north western position, also Jaunpur has the more resemblance to Purvanchal area representing the agricultural based population actually. Jaunpur is otherwise knowable as Sheeraz-e-Hind, dating back to 1359. Jaunpur was in fact founded by Sultan of Delhi Tuqhlak, which was in fact in the remembrance of his cousin, Mohammad Bin Tughlak. Jaunpur attained its zenith, when Mubarak Shah’s brother ruled being as Shams-ud-din. Based on the permanent settlement in 1779, Jaunpur came directly under the control of British. Godaan express is in fact the train to Mumbai, and also Amritsar express functioning regularly, and also Shramjeevi is the daily functioning train to capital of India. Maruthar express passes here.

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Jaunpur Railways Station IRCTC Code JOP

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