Jaitwar: Railways Station IRCTC Code JTW

An interesting fact of Jaitwar

Jaitwar: station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is JTW.

Jaitwar is present in the state of Madhya Pradesh, which is in Satna District. Jaitwar is present whereby it has the borders touching Uttar Pradesh. There is a temple nearby knowable as Hanumaji temple which is via Jaitwar to reach Bamhori. The temple was constructed by Saryu Prasad who is the great grandfather of Shri Surendra Mishra, and also some Nandi temples are visited by some people. Satna River originated from Sarang Ashram near this village. Also, you can view the old temple which is one among the World Heritage too, which is the Ram Temple in the Chormari village. It is nearby Ved Mishra house. Manikpur Satna passenger passes Jaitwar.

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Jaitwar: Railways Station IRCTC Code JTW

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