Jainagar: Railways Station IRCTC Code JYG

To be known of Jainagar

Jainagar: station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is JYG.

Jainagar is a city which is located in district of Madhubani, mainly present in the state of Bihar. It is present on the river Kamala. It links to the cities present in numbers both to India and to Nepal too, as its little closer. There are various temples present here, which include Durga Mandir, located at a distance of 2km from this railway station. Then there is a temple at Shalinath, which is the Shiva temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, at the distance of 4km from the same railway station. Jainagar is at an elevation of 77m. Nepalese cross this place without much of restrictions.

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Jainagar: Railways Station IRCTC Code JYG

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