Jagiroad: Railways Station IRCTC Code JID

Know about the place Jagiroad

Jagiroad: station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is JID.

Jagiroad is a census town present in the district of Marigaon, in the state of Assam. Jagiroad is much familiar for the paper mill, knowable as Nagaon Paper Mill, whereby a dry fish market is also present here. This is knowable as Nakhola, whereby the place’s name was under confusion due to the presence of a city named as Noakhali belonging to Bangladesh, which was changeable as Jagiroad, on account of the reason that road towards Jagi passes by. Jagiroad has the railway station whereby it’s operable by Indian Railways North East Frontier Railway. Some schools and colleges are here.

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Jagiroad: Railways Station IRCTC Code JID

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