Jagadhri: Railways Station IRCTC Code JUD

fact of the place Jagdhri

Jagadhri: station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is JUD.

Jagadhri is a city as well as the municipal council present in the state of Haryana, in the district of Yamuna Nagar. It turns out to be the part of twin towns, named as Jagadhri and Yamuna Nagar, whereby the former is older one and latter the new town, of course. Jagadhri is at the elevation of around 263 m. There are places like LathMar Mandir, Mandir Khera, Gauri Shankar mandir, etc are to be seen. Jagadhri is much familiar for its brassware and metal works too, whereby the brassware’s price is too high, and hence it has fallen. The historical places are many here, which include Sadhaura, Harnol and Topra ( Shiv temples and Gurudwaras here), Chaneti( a grand tomb), etc. Amritsar mail passes this junction.

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Jagadhri: Railways Station IRCTC Code JUD

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