Jadcherla: Railways Station IRCTC Code JCL

A general note of Jadcherla

Jadcherla: station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is JCL.

Jadcherla is a town present in the state of Telangana in the district of Mahbubnagar. It acts as the commercial hub for the towns and villages around. This is in fact the blend of 2 towns, Jadcherla and Badepally. Pre-historic habitation was found nearby, whereby also excavations is also found so. You can also view the Gutta nearby, which is a very small rocky hill too, present at the end of the village. It also has the temple atop, and also a small pond too. The archaeological site of Gollathagudi is nearby. Some Jain remnants and Hindu temple remnants were yielded from excavations. Jaipur express passes this junction.

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Jadcherla: Railways Station IRCTC Code JCL

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