Hojai: Railways Station IRCTC Code HJI

A fact knowable about Hojai

Hojai: station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is HJI.

Hojai is a city and the municipal board present in the district of Nagaon in the state, Assam. It is at an elevation of 59m, whereby this part belongs to Dimasa Kachari kingdom, in ancient days, which is now familiar for trade hub. Thereby this kingdom does stretch from River Dikhu to River Kallong. Hojai is becoming into modern educational development and also there are some more educational institutions too. The Kacharies belonging to Dimasa who resides in Hojai are knowable as Hojai-Kacharies. Hojai is one among the clans of tribe of Dimasa, thus the place Hojai got its name so. Nagaland express passes Hojai junction.

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Hojai: Railways Station IRCTC Code HJI

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