Hijilli Railways Station IRCTC Code HIJ

Some facts on the Hijilli Railway Station of West Bengsl

Hijilli station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is HIJ.

Hijilli Railway Station is situated in the Midnapore District, in the Indian State of West Bengal. Hijilli is in the close vicinity of Kharagpur, which is famous for the first IIT of India. Hijilli had a Detention Centre during the British rule. It held a special place during the British reign, as many of the activists of the Non-Cooperation and armed struggle were detained here. The building now houses the IIT and the Nehru Museum of science and Technology. Hijilli Railway Station is a part of SE Railways. A number of trains stops at Hijilli Station, like the Beldah to Howrah Fast, Howrah to Belda Memu,Kharagpur Balasore Passenger etc.

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Hijilli Railways Station IRCTC Code HIJ

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