Harda Railways Station IRCTC Code HD

An outlook of the city in Madhya Pradesh, Harda

Harda station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is HD.

Harda is a place belonging to the beautiful city of India i.e. Madhya Pradesh. There are a lot of national highways, roads as well as railway stations passing through this city. This is one of most recognized railway stations of Madhya Pradesh. The city’s neighborhood stations which are also famous and prominent are Charkhera, Palasner, junction of Bhopal and lot more. Even it is nearby to the airport of Bhopal. Harda accommodates nearly 56 expresses trains which stops here and passes through the city. It is the station present in the west central of Indian railways. There are a lot of passengers, which boards in the train’s every day.

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Harda Railways Station IRCTC Code HD

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