Gurgaon: Railways Station IRCTC Code GGN

Ken the fact of Gurgaon

Gurgaon: station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is GGN.

This place Gurgaon is present in the state of Haryana. This place is located at the distance of 19.9 miles from the south west of New Delhi. This place was earlier knowable as Guru Gram, whereby the place’s development started by Maruti Suzuki India Limited, set up here in this place in 1970’s. This place is at an elevation of 711 ft. There is a very special day celebrated here which is Raahgiri Day, which is organised in every Sunday, which is started based on Ciclovia, whereby the places are closed for running, skating type of recreational activities. The place connects to various places by means of road, rail and air too. Haridwar Mail passes this junction.

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Gurgaon: Railways Station IRCTC Code GGN

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