Gorakhpur: Railways Station IRCTC Code GKP

Note about the place Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur: station code for Indian Railways Tickets Booking is GKP.

This place Gorakhpur is a city which is along the banks of the Rapti River, and is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, in the eastern side. This shares its boundary along with the place of Nepal. This city is familiar for its Goraknath temple which is also familiar for the Buddhist site. This place is in fact the headquarters of North Eastern Railways. Thus this place is knowable for the temples of Buddhism and Hinduism. This place has the number of 10 railway stations. The Gorakhsapitheshwara is the cultural head of this place. This place is at an elevation of 84 m. Then there are familiar temples which include Leela Chitra Mandir, Vishnu Mandir, Arogya Mandir, Suraj Kund, Mahaparinirvana temple, Nirvana Chaitya, etc. this place has the access to many cities by road, rail and air. Garib Rath Express passes this junction.

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Gorakhpur: Railways Station IRCTC Code GKP

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